Unapologetic Black Woman | Takirra Winfield Dixon

“It’s so important for Black women to own or own tables.” – Takirra Winfield Dixon

That’s just one of the many gems that Takirra dropped in this episode. Takirra is an unapologetic Black woman whose mission is to help other Black women be the same.

In this conversation we talk about what it means to be an unapologetic Black woman and why it’s so important for Black women to build their own tables. We also talk about hair, Black spaces and why showing up is so important. We had a great conversation that I think you’ll learn from and enjoy.


Here are the many ways you can learn more about Takirra Winfield Dixon and how you can work with her to help formulate your own voice.

[email protected]

The Grio article: “Honestie Hodges and the intersectional systemic racism of Black women and girls” – https://thegrio.com/2021/03/16/intersectional-racism-black-women-girls/

Salon Articles:

“Does this smart watch come with an app to deal with casual racism”

“My college’s response to a Nazi march taught me about the “true America” 

“I’m a Black woman, not a “woman of color.” Here’s why I make that distinction”


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