Sedruola Maruska In The Media

Sedie featured on the “Obsessed” podcast sharing about how important belonging is to each of us.
October 21, 2021, Sedie was featured on the Becoming Bridge Builders podcast sharing about creating equitable workplaces.
Sedie spotlighted on Boston Business Women’s Blog during Black History Month
January 24, 2022, Sedie on Shelor Select podcast sharing about equity, inclusion and her background story
November 3, 2021 Anna Anderson interviewed Sedie for the Nurture and Nourish podcast about creating a more equal world
July 14, 2020, Sedie featured on the Journey’s local television program with Denise Hurley
September 28, 2021, Sedie was featured on Ascend & Transcend with Coach Elizabeth Pearson. The conversations centered around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and why we need to have the tricky conversations if we hope to achieve equality.
October 26, 2021, Sedie was interviewed on the American Diversity Report with Deborah Levine
September 28, 2021, Sedie was on the Black To The Future podcast talking about the journey to where she is now.
May 24, 2021, Sedie was featured on the Life After Cancer podcast with “Dr. V’. The conversation centered around Sedie’s breast cancer journey and how this experience has allowed Sedie to find her true life purpose.
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