Sedruola Maruska, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, & Diversity Consultant

Sedruola Maruska Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, Diversity Consultant
Sedruola Maruska Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, Diversity Consultant

Sedruola Maruska is an innovative, implementation-focused Equity & Inclusion consultant. She brings practical and relatable Equity, Inclusion and Diversity experience to your organization.

Sedruola supports individuals, organizations and communities in their efforts to increase social justice in their life and work. Consulting packages may include one or a combination of assessment, training, coaching, policy development, program development, and process facilitation. The goal is to identify your best next step, and help you take it.

While other consultants may leave after making recommendations, Sedruola is dedicated to helping with implementation.

When to Call Sedruola

For an Assessment – Sometimes, it takes a conversation to figure out what you need. But sometimes, a deeper more deliberate assessment process is needed to identify your specific strengths, needs, and opportunities for positive change. Sedruola will work with you to design and implement surveys, interviews, and focus groups. She’ll review existing data and other documents, to fully understand where you’re starting. She’ll then provide an assessment report with recommendations for next steps, which could include coaching, training, and sometimes other more cultural and structural changes.

Leadership Coaching – Coaching is the best tool to use for a few key people in your organization to deepen their understanding in a sustained way. In contrast to trainings – which are often crunched for time, and try to teach a little bit of info and skills to a lot of people at once very quickly – coaching allows a “go slow to go fast,” approach using in-depth conversations, reflection and practice to support your key team members in building their capacity for enacting social justice.

Employee Resource Group Development – Employee resource groups are a great way to begin the work within an organization to shift culture. Sedruola will work with your group to develop a strong steady structure and foundation to ensure sustainability. Together you’ll decide on group goals and format so it’s fully inclusive to anyone within the organization.

Sedruola believes. . .

  • In DOING the work for Equity & Inclusion, not just talking about it.
  • That training alone will NOT bring meaningful change.
  • Equity & Inclusion is about changing minds, practices and processes to attract Diversity.

The Process

Sedruola’s approach is practical and relatable.

Her unique approach is to FULLY ASSESS and offer recommendations for the IMPLEMENTATION of Equity & Inclusion initiatives in your organization to ensure sustainable Diversity success for the long haul. She believes that true Equity & Inclusion come from DOING the work.

Sedruola is available for onsite and virtual facilitation/training, workshops, and assessments. She uses her knowledge, talents and experience in training and organization to deliver implementable and sustainable techniques, strategies and recommendations. Her approach is to set “trip-able” goals so the joy of victory can be felt right away.

Contact Sedruola to see how she can put her approach to work for you.

Looking for a speaker? Sedruola speaks on equity, inclusion, personal development and social justice issues Contact Sedruola for Speaking

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