Laurielle Noel | Change Your Space, Change the World

Laurielle Noel is the COO at BurrowsINK and The Sweet Spot. I asked her one question and she delivered some gems. Want to know how you can be a better ally, anti-racist and co-conspirator. Listen to the knowledge Laurelle drops in this episode.


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Diversity Dish is about bridging the gap. We’re talking diversity, equity, inclusion and justice with real people with real stories. Diversity Dish comes with different formats:

– Dishing alone – where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on relevant happenings in the news as they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion.

– Dishing with friends – where guest will come on and talk about their real life situations and their suggested solutions to the problems in the workplace or their industry.

Dishing a-la-carte – where your questions drive the conversation. I’ll answer your questions about your experiences, your ideas or your concerns as they pertain to our overall topics.

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