Jennifer Rottmann | How to Market Yourself to The World

Jen Rottmann is a content creator & coach who helps womxn connect to their personal brand voice, so they can standout, attract their raving fan community, be aligned with purpose and enjoy the process in flow by speaking with authenticity, passion and power. In this episode Jen shares with us the number one thing she feels womxn need to do so they effectively market themselves and attract the best audience for their business.


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Diversity Dish is about bridging the gap. We’re talking diversity, equity, inclusion and justice with real people with real stories. Diversity Dish comes with different formats:

– Dishing alone – where I’ll be sharing my thoughts on relevant happenings in the news as they relate to diversity, equity and inclusion.

– Dishing with friends – where guests will come talk about their real life situations and their suggested solutions to the problems in the workplace or their industry.

– Dishing a-la-carte – where your questions drive the conversation. I’ll answer your questions about your experiences, your ideas or your concerns as they pertain to our overall topics.

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