Cutting Through The Noise | Yvette Dubel

When Black women come together as sisters you never know where the conversation will go. This conversation with Yvette Dubel went from racism, to Black hair, to discovering ourselves. If you’re committed to being an ally in the fight against white supremacy, listen to this conversation to gain a bit of insight.

Yvette Dubel is a speaker, artist-researcher, and personal innovation mentor, founding CEO of WebAntiphon Group, author of “Why Brand Risk Management Innovation is a Game Changer” and ” A Cure For Racism”, as well as creator of the Empowered Innovation System[CFAaP]. She serves conscious leaders looking for outside box thinking with vision and wisdom to drive triple bottom line success (profit, people, planet). For more than two decades Yvette has built a reputation as a big picture thinker and social innovator that knows how to drive short term goals without letting what matters most fall by the wayside. Dubel is also Artist-Researcher in Residence Coordinating the We,the World Freedom Campaign and Founding Director of the [We] Freedom Film Fest as part of 11 Days of Global Unity launched in 2020. As part of the collaboration on MLK Day 2021 she launched ” a cure for racism” project powered by the Empowered Innovation System[CFAaP] and released the book A For Racism.


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