Bonus | What Happens When We Don't Vote | Sedruola Maruska

Today’s episode is a “dining alone” episode. It’s important because it’s about what happens to your life, your community, your dreams when you don’t vote.

You’re hearing a lot about voting lately. I know. I’m hearing it too. There’s a ton out there about the benefits of voting, and why we should vote. But do you know the downside of not voting? In this episode I’ll share why voting is a much better option than not voting. No matter what. And the real world implications that impact your current and future dreams.

So much is being done to steal your vote. To silence your voice and to strip away your dreams, don’t let that happen. When you don’t vote, who wins? Not you. You’re not powerless in your life and your vote matters, not just today, but for years to come. It’s your right and responsibility to be an informed voter.

Honestly, if you only listen to one episode on this podcast, this is the most important one to date. Let’s stop letting others take our power. Let’s use it.

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