The Trials & Triumphs of Blended Families | Nicole Odom-Hardnett

Nicole Odom-Hardnett was born in Fort Lee, Virginia to military parents. Growing up she traveled a lot–living in Virginia, Louisiana, Utah, Germany and Maryland. Nicole completed her undergrad at Strayer and graduated from Lincoln University with a Master’s in Human Services.

In 2010, Nicole founded Focus Point Solutions, LLC. Initially founded as a transitional housing program, it later became a chain of Assisted Living facilities and then eventually Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment programs and Mental Health Centers. Currently, she has four locations in Maryland and has plans for expansion to other states.

Nicole is a published author of two books: Blended to Perfection and Dating Made Simple For Women, (how to ace the dating scene as a woman—to have the man of your dreams to hold and to cherish) She’s currently working on two more books—the second edition to the Dating Made Simple book and a children’s book.

Nicole is married to Thomas Hardnett, Jr, and together, they have 7 very different and dynamic adult children–plus 1 grandson. Her first book, entitled, Blended to Perfection, is partially based on obstacles in her life along with the challenges of bringing the families together in the same house, while dealing with inside and outside forces that were determined to see the union fail. After a rough start and hard work, her family is now blended to perfection.


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