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  • Fighting For Our Children | Terence Jenkins

    Fighting For Our Children | Terence Jenkins

    Terence Jenkins is currently the Principal of Waterfront Elementary School in Buffalo, New York. He's been in the district for over 25 years. In that time he's seen some changes, but he believes more changes are necessary. Terence works every day getting into "good trouble" to make sure "his kids" get what they need and deserve. In this episode Terence shares his insights on education and what certain improvements would mean for children.

  • Mommy, What’s Black?

    The day after the election in 2016 I learned lesson that I will not soon forget. I learned it from my five year old daughter and the conversations she had with both my mother and me. This episode is a reading and reflection of an article about those conversations. I hope you'll be impacted by the insight into being Black that a five year old Black girl had.

  • Why We Need to Listen | Drita Protopapa

    Why We Need to Listen | Drita Protopapa

    Drita Protopapa is a translation specialist who loves communicating with people from different cultures and beliefs. As a translation specialist she knows the importance of listening. Not just with your ears, but with your whole self. In this episode we talk about affecting change in our own circles and why it's so important.

  • Equity Isn't As Hard As You Think | Kelsea Medard

    Equity Isn’t As Hard As You Think | Kelsea Medard

    Kelsea M├ędard is a social entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of harnessing her exceptional skillset to serve others in effective, strategic, and high-impact ways. In this episode Kelsea and I talk about why she left a six-figure salary, listening to our inner selves and why diversity, equity and inclusion are incredibly important in the workplace.

  • Navigating the Bait and Switch | Tissa Hami | Diversity Dish

    Navigating the Bait & Switch | Tissa Hami

    Sometimes it feels like no amount of accomplishment matters when you're part of a marginalized group. Tissa Hami is a graduate of both Brown and Columbia Universities, a groundbreaking female Muslim comic, speaker & trainer, but none of that exempts her from prejudice, discrimination and racism.

  • Dishing on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Dishing on Diversity

    Welcome to the “Diversity Dish” podcast website. The Diversity Dish podcast focuses on highlighting experiences in the workplace or industry where the marginalizing of people takes place. Diversity, Equity and […]