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  • Building Stamina to Confront Racism | Goddess

    Building Stamina to Confront Racism | Goddess

    Goddess and I had a real heart to heart about pronouns, holding space and the trauma we hold in our bodies. Join us for this candid conversation and get answers to questions you may not know you had.

  • Military Good Ol' Boys Network | Reginald Colas

    Good Ol’ Boys Network | Reginald Colas

    When we see the military, we see order, uniformity and strength. We also know that there's a brotherhood associated with military service. What we don't see are the inner workings of a "good ol' boys" network that treats the races in that "brotherhood" just as differently as we do as civilians.

  • Taking on Town & Country | Verneda Adele White

    Taking on Town & Country | Verneda Adele White

    Verneda Adele White wrote an article for the Daily Beast on October 25, 2020 about the systemic racism she experienced and witnessed at Town & Country magazine. In this bonus interview she talks about what compelled her to share her story and why she believes it's important to make these stories known.

  • Navigating the Bait and Switch | Tissa Hami | Diversity Dish

    Navigating the Bait & Switch | Tissa Hami

    Sometimes it feels like no amount of accomplishment matters when you're part of a marginalized group. Tissa Hami is a graduate of both Brown and Columbia Universities, a groundbreaking female Muslim comic, speaker & trainer, but none of that exempts her from prejudice, discrimination and racism.

  • Kevin Hofmann | Growing Up Black in White

    Growing Up Black in White | Kevin Hofmann

    Imagine growing up Black in Detroit during the time that race relations were at an all time low. Now imagine feeling that things are worst now than they were then. Well, in this episode Kevin Hofmann shares part of his story and the solutions he sees as being imperative for creating a better environment for our children.