• Military Good Ol' Boys Network | Reginald Colas

    Good Ol’ Boys Network | Reginald Colas

    When we see the military, we see order, uniformity and strength. We also know that there's a brotherhood associated with military service. What we don't see are the inner workings of a "good ol' boys" network that treats the races in that "brotherhood" just as differently as we do as civilians.

  • Taking on Town & Country | Verneda Adele White

    Taking on Town & Country | Verneda Adele White

    Verneda Adele White wrote an article for the Daily Beast on October 25, 2020 about the systemic racism she experienced and witnessed at Town & Country magazine. In this bonus interview she talks about what compelled her to share her story and why she believes it's important to make these stories known.

  • Navigating the Bait and Switch | Tissa Hami | Diversity Dish

    Navigating the Bait & Switch | Tissa Hami

    Sometimes it feels like no amount of accomplishment matters when you're part of a marginalized group. Tissa Hami is a graduate of both Brown and Columbia Universities, a groundbreaking female Muslim comic, speaker & trainer, but none of that exempts her from prejudice, discrimination and racism.